Privacy on Instagram Photos?

Answer Hello Clieo. I also had this concern with my private IG acct. I have two IG accounts and I follow myself on both. I was able to test your question out. Once I unfollowed myself and uploaded a photo... Read More »

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Instagram privacy setting not working on iPhone?

I don't know why it's happening but I had the same problem. I just restarted my phone and it seems to have fixed it. Hope that works for you also.

Why are my Instagram photos on Google?

At a guess I would say when you signed up to instagram you never unchecked a box that asked about sharing and updating facebook etc I dont have instagram but go bk through preferences and have a l... Read More »

HELLPP! Instagram photos are disappearing!?

umm. log out and delete the app for a day. then get it back and try if u can wait tht long go an hour but day would be best hope this heelps(:

Any One Using Instagram For Their Photos?

Just seen this online, I'm going to delete my account, not that there's anything interesting in there, just that it happens to be mine! Ah so those photos are safe then Rocky? But more seriously ... Read More »