Problem ripping cd to pc ?

Answer There is a flaw in your logic in assuming because they play on your home player they should RIP ok. the trouble is a home player employs much better error correction and a better mechanism, thats w... Read More »

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What is Ripping a CD?

Ripping a CD is simply copying music from a compact disc (CD) to a computer. There are various software tools that will allow a user to rip a CD in minutes. Once the music is on the computer in fil... Read More »

How can I tell if a garage is ripping me off?

It would really depend on how much damage has been done to the engine. However £1k seems steep as you could of had a second hand engine fitted cheaper than that unless your car is something unusua... Read More »

Is my car mechanic ripping me off?

first lets blame the rite person its not the fault of the one that was trying to remove it its the one that installed it an example is i baught a rebuilt brake caliper went to install it the idi... Read More »

Ripping Cd To My Laptop.?

Phone friend.Say "if I bring a few bevvies round, can I borrow your desktop, please?"Take booze, CD and USB flash drive to friend's house.Attempt to rip the CD on his/her computer.Listen to CD whil... Read More »