Problem with my computer someone help?

Answer Re-download the latest driver for your specific straight from the video card makers web site (nvidia / AMD).Then uninstall all existing video driver(s) - and make sure that if the machine has both ... Read More »

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3.5mm jack audio from computer to speaker problem. Why does it only cause a problem for my computer?

Move/shake the wire around whilst connected, if it makes a difference in the sound then you need to replace to cable. If it's not the cable, replace the sound card in your computer.Failing this, I'... Read More »

Computer problem: my computer won't work, it continues to re-boot & before it can open up windows, it crashes?

better change the bios settings to make the cd/dvd as the first boot device and try another xp cd to format it bcoz there may be some pblm with ur cd also.....

Fix my computer problem?

Problem with computer: can you help?

Hi Terry , i know nothing about computers so i let a good friend sort me out and he has never been wrong , on my PC the motherboard had blown burning everything out bit by bit , it made the thing u... Read More »