Problem with my computer someone help?

Answer Re-download the latest driver for your specific straight from the video card makers web site (nvidia / AMD).Then uninstall all existing video driver(s) - and make sure that if the machine has both ... Read More »

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Can someone help me with a computer problem HELP!?

you need the restore disk that came with your computer one of the files or programs got damage and needs to be reinstalled

Problem with pc. can someone please help?

the problem is with your bios settings. the power button is set to Sleep/Suspend mode. You should set it to On/Off. This should work. There was no need to change your motherboard for this. Should`v... Read More »

Someone help me with Windows 8 problem?

Hi..If you find some touch pad gestures a pain then tweak to your requirements..From desktop right click touch pad icon (Bottom right) and select properties..OrWindows key (Start menu) > Right Clic... Read More »

Can someone PLEASE help me with a Hotmail problem?

these are the 2 support pages, -… < contact MSN support -… < MSN Help CenterLook them over, maybe something wil... Read More »