Problem with my download speeds?

Answer Of course you haven't said what your normal speed is so I'm assumingyour using something like torrents and the like for a file that size!If that is the case then there is nothing you can do about i... Read More »

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Question on Download Speeds?

They are both the same speed but measured in different units.On and on all boardband adverts the use mega bits(Mb). When you download off website and transfer files mega bytes(MB) is ... Read More »

Why do I keep getting lower than expected download speeds?

Hi,you are correct in thinking it's your wi-fi connection that is slow, as i had the same problem.all you need is a pair of these TP-Link adapters then use it to connect to your hub using your "Mai... Read More »

What are the average download and upload speeds in the UK?

Your upload speeds should be at least 3 MBPS.P.S: @ the random guy posting hate...I'm from the UK.. It's very multicultural. Learn facts before rants.

Why do IPS's post there speeds in Mpbs and your download manger in Kb/s?

basically yes. 10 mega bits sounds faster than 1.2Kilo Bytes a second . 1 byte is 8 bits .