Problems when switching on the computer, can you help?

Answer Your graphcis card has come loose during the move. You need to open up the box and 'reseat' your graphics card. Basically push it back into it's slot - very slowly and carefully and it will be fine.

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Why has my computer been switching itself off.?

Could be a software issue but more likely hardware, e.g. the PSU / motherboard or maybe the CPU.Probably not a bad idea to give it a spring clean inside. You’ll need a can of compressed air from ... Read More »

My computer keeps switching itself off?

How does it power down? Does it just stop? or does it go through the actual shut down process. If everything just stops, it most likely is a power supply issue and my need to be replaced. Luckily t... Read More »

How do i stop my computer switching itself off and on?

check all your electrical connections... or try system restore

How do I set my computer so that anyone switching it on has to enter a password before they go further?

Go to control panel.User accountsClick on the accountCreate passwordThis way when the computer is switched on ou have to enter a password before windows loads