Problems when switching on the computer, can you help?

Answer Your graphcis card has come loose during the move. You need to open up the box and 'reseat' your graphics card. Basically push it back into it's slot - very slowly and carefully and it will be fine.

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Hi there i need help! i have a 1999 seat ibiza and the radio/computer is switching itself on even when car off?

i know somebody else that had the exact same problem, it turned out that seat had to replace the radio unit. you can try first of all if you know somebody with an obd2 reader as the ecu controls ev... Read More »

Computer Problems! PC help!?

I've been wrong before but I will try to help out.Before you try anything, try this: Go into your BIOS settings and look for something that looks like "Quick Boot" or "Quick Power On Self Test". De... Read More »

Computer problems, HELP!?

Ok, CTRL ALT DELETE. Go to file > new task> and type in explorer.exe

Help me! computer problems!?

The cables of the monitor might not be working correctly, it could also be a system failure.