Programming assignments done for money?

Answer getafreelancer and scriptlancer both do custom coding. You post your problem and they bid on the work.However, if this is a homework assignment, you will run into problems because the style will be... Read More »

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Can u make money from youtube making programming tutorial videos that are your own?

Sure. Instructional videos are fine if it's your content

Ive always wanted to study computer science. programming in particular. bt no money nor hope for it. any ideas?

try at your local collegeor adult learningor some charitiesgood luck

Two Types of Assignments in Insurance?

Assignment describes transferring ownership of your life insurance policy to another individual, corporation or trustee. You are still insured under the policy, but you no longer own the insurance.... Read More »

How do I do homework/Assignments/Coursewor…?

First you need to find reason to motivate yourself;Just think about what you want to achieve acedemic wise or what you want to be when you're older- stick a picture of it up and everytime u see it ... Read More »