Programming jobs - how different will your jobs be?

Answer No, but non graduate will be so much limited in opening! Programming jobs vary form analysts to coders, designer, project management. To advance within IT, you have to be really good in writing rep... Read More »

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What is front end and back end in programming/jobs?

Front end refers to the part that the user sees, and back end refers to the database.For example, you go to the ATM to get some money. The computer program running on the ATM offering you options ... Read More »

Who is more qualiffied to work in finace jobs such as stock boroker jobs and financial analysts jobs?

Is it true that computer programming jobs are dying out?

There will always be work of some form that is not outsourced so by all means go for it, its just the golden age if IT job options is over as is what happens in every industry at some pointJust bec... Read More »

Cant find a good it jobs which doesn't include programming ?

HiTo a big extent your score in your degree shouldn't be the highlight of any interview, Its your experience and knowledge that should count. Besides being a programmer there are a lot of careers i... Read More »