Providing support over the internet?

Answer I have worked in support before (for quite a few years) before I became a networking consultant and to be honest every way in some shape or form is a pain.1. Port forwarding: I don't see much point... Read More »

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Are their guidelines on providing meals to your staff?

As you are expected to provide food as well, maybe you should consider raising their rent to £45.

Can i buy travelinsurance for my brother who is already here in UK(from india),pls let me know who's providing?

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Benefits of Providing Quality Customer Service?

Customer service is a universal concept; most companies have a customer service department. Companies that keep quality at the forefront of their operations are on track to becoming a better compan... Read More »

Describe a situation where you have been involved in providing a servicetell us wat u did and how you did it?

any job you have done is providing a service e.g i worked in a night club the service i provided was cooking people burgers and chips, i also worked in the pound shop the service i provided was rin... Read More »