Proxies for Facebook?

Answer I got this… and put it on a flash drive. It busted through the filter like it wasn't there. I've used it 9 weeks now and it's still bustin through.

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Anyone know any good proxies to get onto facebook in college?

Silly me - and I thought mature people left school and went to college to learn educational stuff

Proxies Pleasee?

SSL (https://) accessible -has a valid security certificate --to keep your usage privateeach has a unique IP address so if one gets blocked just try anotherworks with all popular websites, just a f... Read More »

Why do no proxies work?

There is a lot more to hiding your ip address than just going through a proxy server. Most proxies you reference will still record your ip and not take any steps to mask it from a good search tool ... Read More »

How to Make MTG Proxies?

Magic: the Gathering is a card game based around casting spells to defeat an opponent. Each card in a deck is a spell that is cast to summon a creature, damage an opponent or have a number of other... Read More »