Question About Phones?

Answer I think that they will continue to develop further (as in be able to do more things)...But I think that people will always want to be able to reach people where ever they I think theyll st... Read More »

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Do you prefer head phones or ears phones ?

Head phones on my computer I'm actually listening to your playlistIris by Goo Goo Dolls

Does anyone else think the phones 4 u ads?

I personally am amazed that these ads ever saw the light of day, let alone to have continued to be made, the main characters apart from the Phones 4 U salesperson are made to look acceptionally stu... Read More »

What Are LTE Phones?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the designation for a wireless communication standard that was introduced in 2010 and featured data speeds far faster than previous technologies. LTE phones are simply... Read More »

What Are X-Ray Phones?

X-ray phones are basically mobile phones with transparent casing, enabling a person to see the wiring, chips, and other inner gadgets that make the phone work. One example of this type of phone is ... Read More »