Question About Phones?

Answer I think that they will continue to develop further (as in be able to do more things)...But I think that people will always want to be able to reach people where ever they I think theyll st... Read More »

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About Refurbished Phones?

Modern technology has made cell phones smaller and smaller as time goes by. This benefit also has some serious drawbacks. Since there are so many small parts necessary to make a cell phone operate ... Read More »

Why when i ask a question do people assume the question is about me personally?

Possibly because your asking it. You can say my friend so people won't think it's about you personally. I sometimes do that.

Despite all the news and contraversy about motorists using mobile phones .....?

Like drink driving, the only way to stop it (or significantly reduce it) is to make it an offence automatically punishable by a 12 month driving ban. Most research done on the use of mobiles whilst... Read More »

What is so dangerous about using Mobile phones while driving,?

I don't believe they are any more dangerous than people tuning their radio's, reading paper's, putting on makeup, or getting onto their kids in the back seat's. Any distractions in a motor vehicle ... Read More »