Question about VPN and proxies?

Answer HS is run by an advertising company that boasts they can geotarget people anywhere in the world and anytime. Their "free" service is the backbone of a datamining company that scans everything you d... Read More »

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Why when i ask a question do people assume the question is about me personally?

Possibly because your asking it. You can say my friend so people won't think it's about you personally. I sometimes do that.

Why do no proxies work?

There is a lot more to hiding your ip address than just going through a proxy server. Most proxies you reference will still record your ip and not take any steps to mask it from a good search tool ... Read More »

How to Make MTG Proxies?

Magic: the Gathering is a card game based around casting spells to defeat an opponent. Each card in a deck is a spell that is cast to summon a creature, damage an opponent or have a number of other... Read More »

Proxies for Facebook?

I got this… and put it on a flash drive. It busted through the filter like it wasn't there. I've used it 9 weeks now and it's still bustin through.