Question about broadband usage?

Answer None of what you're talking about should add up to that much, no.

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Question about broadband speed?

If they are both trying to use the internet heavily at the same time, I don't suppose the first one will get 60 Mb any more because your router will share the bandwidth. 60 Mb is the maximum your s... Read More »

Broadband Usage?

Last time I bothered firing up lap-top, I paid £3/4 for days use. Half hour radio show + half hour TV programme later it went off. "You have used avilable data". At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.Ho... Read More »

How Do I Calculate Broadband Usage?

Because a broadband connection is much faster than a dial-up connection, more people are spending more time online. Many companies, though, charge their customers according to the amount of time sp... Read More »

Bt Broadband Usage Monitor?

Yes click on 'help/support' & then on connection on the left hand side & it's there.