Question about removing a tag on facebook?

Answer fb workers dont understand this generation, screw you facebook developers stop changin sh**t

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Removing metropolitan police virus run folder question?

NO NO NO, if you don;t know what you are doing then stop, editing the registry can seriously damage your machine,There are very specific entries to look regarding the ransomware, the ones you have ... Read More »

Removing someone from the chat on Facebook?

sorry but that is not possible to do you can remove him only if you removed him from your friend list but he will be gone from your friend list and chat window

Removing names on facebook search bar?

Nothing can be done, who ever names are on fb will automatically show up when you enter a letter or name it's just one of those things on fb

Why do people keep removing me as friends on Facebook?

Are these people you actually know or just randoms? If it is the former ask them, if the latter I wouldn't worry too much.

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