Question for IT/Computer Repairman?

Answer now a days people are more tech savvy and know how to fix basic problems and how too google. If you know a bit about hardware and what to look for when the machine is not responding then you'll be ... Read More »

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Can we pay for a repairman from our rent?

You will be evicted for non-payment. You can not force them to hire anyone, they have their own people.If you are unhappy you can go ahead and call a repair man, but you need to pay yourself, yo... Read More »

Will the repairman be able to see my files?

yes we can - assuming the drive is working.Password protection is easily by-passable if you know how, and if the repairman as you call him is good enough then he will be able to view the content if... Read More »

Marine container question.........CHIEF MATES QUESTION.....PLZ NO BULL***T ANSWERS?

As Champer stated it is mounted on the container doors. It contains this info: Approval Reference Date of Manufacture Identificatio... Read More »

Question 4 the girls: If a girl posted a question saying ''Am I Pretty''......?

Just tell the truth, what's there to hide. By're just showing that you're jealous.