Questionaire for perfume bottle ( for girls only)?

Answer 1. Yes, I buy perfume2. I really love Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and celebrity fragrances3. Maybe Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese or Victoria Beckham. They all look stylish and have their on unique ... Read More »

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Questionaire on perfume bottle ( for girls only)?

do you buy perfume? yes, I collect perfume and wear it.Whats your favourite brand of perfume? - Montale, Lutens, Guerlain, Sonoma Scent Studio are some of my favorites. Who/ what celebrity would yo... Read More »

How Does a Perfume Bottle Work?

Resetting the volume limit on your iPod Nano affects everything you listen to, from music to audio books. You can adjust the volume for each individual item on your Nano using the click wheel, but ... Read More »

How to Clean a Crystal Perfume Bottle?

Cleaning a crystal perfume bottle is not particularly difficult, but you will need some slightly surprising supplies. Also, you will have to have a light touch so that you do not nick or scratch yo... Read More »

Explain 2 properties of glass that makes it suitable for a perfume bottle?

Because it is non absorbent and if sealed keeps indefinitely And of course you can see through itas the colours of perfume can be attractive.