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Answer Yes, it's anonymous if you don't have an account and your Facebook name won't come up if you click their link.

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How do you come off anon on askfm?

You sign on askfm and pick the option next to anon when asking a question.

Questions about a tattoo?

I'll try to answer them in the order given:1. In most states, it's 18, but you should go to your state's website to confirm. You might also want to check what your city/town's (or state's)laws ar... Read More »

Two questions about my new job (P46 and prospects)?

Yes, Jobseekers is taxable income, even though there is no provision to tax it at source. The amount received is well below the weekly tax-free allowance of £124.50 a week, to which all UK citizen... Read More »

Questions About Ebay?

No nobody can see your email address unless you give it to them they contact you through ebayjust go on to ebay and look at your account you can see all your detailsyou will need to sign up for a p... Read More »

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