Questions on ask fm!?

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"Do you have any questions"?

Ten top questions to askHere are some examples of good questions to ask:· What's the makeup of the team as far as experience? · What does this company value the most and how do you think my wor... Read More »

PPI further questions?

it depends - how much did you pay? PPI is usually a percentage of the balance isn't it, so if you never had an outstanding balance, or hardly ever used it it could be right If you haven't used you... Read More »

Anyone got/had an LPG car Got some questions!?

Hello there I use a 2001 vauxhall vectra that i use for hospital transport. I bought the car just over 2 years ago it was a std LSI petrol only. I took the car to a company called MIllbrook to have... Read More »

Questions on LPN .. ?

Hospitals do still hire LPN's but less as time goes on, a RN is much more prefered. An LPN makes a good amount of money but it is a lot less than an RN and in a hospital setting they can do all the... Read More »

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