Recommend Me A Router?

Answer Hello Rammunition, get the best one you can. I am working from am DLink - cost about £60 - performance - not good I a b*ggering about with it on a weekly basis. I have set up a pal with a Belkin... Read More »

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Could you recommend me a Router?

Linksys makes the best. The have cisco technology. The top in the industry. You will want a linksys G or N model.

Hi, can someone please recommend a good wireless router... will be connection 4 pc's?

When you ask this sort of question, you are going to get a lot of people saying that brand A is better than brand B..... the thing is, *most people* will buy one product, and never have any experie... Read More »

Can anyone recommend me a wireless router that goes well with Ntl/Telewest cable connection?

Well I just bought a Linksys WRT54GS for my NTL connection for 40 pounds at Arrived in a couple of days, and it is working a treat. Be aware however that if your connection between th... Read More »

If i change my router to wep, instead of wpa will everything connected to the router get disconnected and need?

Yes, everything would need reconfiguring.But do not change it (it may not be possible anyway).WEP has been obsolete for many years at it was a badly flawed system.It can be broken in second with fr... Read More »