Recommend Me A Router?

Answer Hello Rammunition, get the best one you can. I am working from am DLink - cost about £60 - performance - not good I a b*ggering about with it on a weekly basis. I have set up a pal with a Belkin... Read More »

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Could you recommend me a Router?

Linksys makes the best. The have cisco technology. The top in the industry. You will want a linksys G or N model.

Hi, can someone please recommend a good wireless router... will be connection 4 pc's?

When you ask this sort of question, you are going to get a lot of people saying that brand A is better than brand B..... the thing is, *most people* will buy one product, and never have any experie... Read More »

Can anyone recommend me a wireless router that goes well with Ntl/Telewest cable connection?

Well I just bought a Linksys WRT54GS for my NTL connection for 40 pounds at Arrived in a couple of days, and it is working a treat. Be aware however that if your connection between th... Read More »

How can I connect a wireless ADSL router to a wired WAN router and secure the WIFI?

NEVER use more than one router on a connection. It causes conflicts, slows the network and can even stop it totally. Apart from that you can NOT connect a DSL port to a network. It must connect to ... Read More »