Regarding Paint On My Pc?

Answer Sounds like you're trying to crop the picture, but not actually changing the resolution. There are some little dots on the side of the screen, There's one in the exact middle on the right, and ther... Read More »

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How can i write a letter to my landlord regarding me deducting money from the rent regarding repairs?

You get a rent rebate for the days you couldn't live there. That is it. So yoru figure puts your rent at $1700 a month, is that accurate? You get nothing for cleaning.

In wikipedia regarding rajasthani people regarding rajputs which areas do caucasus and central asia stand for?

According to wikipedia regarding rajasthani people regarding rajput which place are caucasus in central asia ?

I do not fully understand your question which may be related to the link below;…If you require a definition of whereabouts of the Caucasus region then here... Read More »

Can i use 'ordinary 'paint to paint my boat deck or does it have to be 'boat paint'?

Paul's answer is fine.The only thing I would add is that it is best, if you want it to be non-slip, to use dried sand. The kind they use in foundries is the very best (for making moulds for casting... Read More »