Regarding Paint On My Pc?

Answer Sounds like you're trying to crop the picture, but not actually changing the resolution. There are some little dots on the side of the screen, There's one in the exact middle on the right, and ther... Read More »

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Can i use oil based paint 2 paint my fibre glass boat its not staying in water?

Go to the local Chandlers and get Marine Paint xx

MY BOAT IS FIBREGLASS but i wanna paint it another coulour wots the best paint 2 use as i was thinking ov ham?

Awlgrip paint is the answer. Period.Pay CLOSE attention to what stewpid said....Good Luck!

I have a fibreglass boat , and i need to paint some numbers on both sides, what is the best type of paint 2use?

1st thing you will have to do is buy stick on letters and hope you spell correctly.......its spelled fiberglass

Where can i get high temperture paint ( black ) to paint my bike exhaust?

b and q do some good paints that will probably do thisi've bought some black paint from them that is suitable for bbq's and fire's (i think it can go up to about 350C)that would probably be a lot h... Read More »