Regarding the food and drink trolly on trains?

Answer With the right licence, I think you can serve alcohol from 10am. Even on Sunday.

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Can you take food and drink on board first great western trains?

YesBut if you are so desperate to travel on First Great Western, then you should also take a sleeping bag and a selection of good books. Their reliability is lousy, so much so they got fined over Â... Read More »

Is it illegal or banned to drink on national rail trains (UK)?

on trains you can drink unless they declare 'dry trains' which means that no alcohol can be taken on board or sold on board, this usually only happens on some football match days

food and drink quiz?

A Stirrup cup of either Port or Sherry ? tyrepill, be bold and replace your "?" with a "!" because you are absolutely correct!

What Do Caterpillars Eat & Drink for Food?

The way a caterpillar looks determines which kind of butterfly it will become. Likewise, the plant on which you find the caterpillar can also help you determine which type of butterfly it will turn... Read More »