Remote desktop from Win7 laptop to XP desktop via ethernet?

Answer yes its possible i think - to connect two computers together you would need a crossover cable look on ebay for this. that should work the same as having a switched network

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How can I set up a remote desktop/area connection from Windows 7 to XP?

1) Teamviewer will easily allow desktop remote connections.2) But nothing can remotely use your pc's GPU for gaming.3) If you play the game on pc, use teamv to connecto to pc..Then you can use the ... Read More »

How do you set up remote desktop on a windows 8 pc so you can access it from anywhere else?

The easiest thing to do so that you don't have to mess with opening ports and all is use Teamviewer ( and set it up with unattended access so that you can connect to it anytime, anyw... Read More »

Have lot of icons on desktop, how can i hide them or remove from desktop.?

If you still want them handy, but not directly on your desktop, create a new folder, call it something like 'icons' or 'shortcuts' and drop all of them into there. That's what I did.

How do I access my home PC from work using remote desktop control Windows 7?

You can use BeAnywhere. That's the one I've been using for the last couple of years. I've also used other solutions, but BeAnywhere is by far the best one on the market. You can download the free v... Read More »