Remote desktop from Win7 laptop to XP desktop via ethernet?

Answer yes its possible i think - to connect two computers together you would need a crossover cable look on ebay for this. that should work the same as having a switched network

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I have an old desktop pc,but I do not have a monitor only a laptop can i view my desktop on my laptop?

Just remove the hdd from the desktop and connect it via external casing to the laptop.

My desktop monitor is not working.can i use my laptop's screen as my desktop monitor my laptop has vga port.?

No it is not possible. The VGA port on your laptop is there to use a seperate viewing screen with your laptop not to use the screen on the laptop with a seperate computer. Because if did not notice... Read More »

My desktop monitor is dead. Can I connect my desktop computer to my laptop monitor?

No there isn't a realistic way of doing this. While one of the remote control suggestions may work, you need to configure the desktop for thisto work which you can't as the monitor doesn't work.How... Read More »

Remote desktop?

LogMeIn is pretty good for Windows XP and later.VNC works on OS X, linux, and Windows (95? 98 XP and Vista?)VNC works best with a known (ie Static) IP address and needs port forwarding (if you u... Read More »