Remote sign-in from Apple iMac to Juniper enabled site?

Answer You would normally use the Java Secure Application Manager (JSAM)...…but without specific details of the site's set up etc. it will be impossible to give a... Read More »

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How to Sync an iMac Remote With a MacBook?

The remote that came with your iMac can be used to control the functions of other Apple computers as well. The remote uses an integrated infrared signal to connect wirelessly to your computers. The... Read More »

Photos in iMac and the Euro currency sign.?

The spinning ball is the same as the old hourglass used in Windows. It shows that the computer is busy.To get the € instead of pressing shift, press Alt Gr [to the right of the space bar]

Apple iMac won't start?

"I've tried to change plug sockets, I've undone all the leads and plugged them back in. "There is a reset on the mains going in to the back of the iMac. You need to pull the plug out of the back o... Read More »

How much do Apple make their new iMac for?

How much..who knows?!But one thing for sure is that they gain 3x or more money when they sell those crappy idevices :)