Right Im just getting more confused.........?

Answer I'm not computer savvy and I had humungous problems installing my wireless connection and it was the simplest thing possible. On the front edge of my laptop is a tiny sliding switch - push it and w... Read More »

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Is there shampoo's that can make split ends go away or even just make u stop getting more thx?

only answer is to cut all split end off .. some hair is more prone to split ends we cant all have perfect hair.. if your hair is always getting split ends use a serum to make the appear less visible

Finding the right amplifier for my sub...(confused)?

I just bought a 15 inch Kicker L7 and i paired it with a Kicker 750 Z.1. The Amp is rated at 935 Watts. And it is specifically for a sub. All i have to say is hold your breath because that thing HI... Read More »

Im getting paid cash in hand at a bar, Is it right to be getting taxed?

Cash in hand is normally the agreed amount, but if it was taxed and national insurance taken out then a payslip should be supplied. If a tax code is not supplied then tax is taken at basic rate.Bu... Read More »

Do you think it is getting more and more diffucult to earn a dishonest living?

Sure is the arthritis in my fingers makes it awkward to grab the cash out of the till and my old legs wont run as fast as they used to ..........................