Right click does not work on taskbar?

Answer sounds like you are running either w7 or w8. let all of your start-up programs load and you should be fine. I also recommend adding more ram and updating your drivers & programs

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My microsoft optical mouse right-click won't work. Any suggestions?

start Control panel.printers and other hardware, then mouse, you can then see if its working

I can't copy and paste because the right click won't work...any suggestions :)?

0 Search Results forHighlight whatever you're trying to copy and paste then press ctrl and c (this is a shortcut to copy) then click the area ou want to paste it in and press ctrl and v (to paste) ... Read More »

Why is it that wen using a mouse we call it right click, wen it is clearly left side of the mouse we click?

Because unless you're left-handed, you're clicking the wrong mouse button. :) For a regular mouse being used by a right-handed person, there are generally two buttons (plus more smaller ones if it'... Read More »

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