Router drop outs constant?

Answer I had a similar problem,,I changed the router for a new one and it`s not given me a problem yet,,they`re not made to last for ever

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You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a sheer drop?

I was just getting ready to say wait until your quarter runs out & it says "Game Over" when I saw your punch line.

If you drop a penny from the Empire state building - could it really puncture a hole in a car because of its constant acceleration?

Probably not. If the penny were to fall sideways, so that it had as little air resistance as possible, it would reach about 280 km/h (175 mph). That speed ought to be enough to drive the penny into... Read More »

When you drop a baseball and a bowling ball, you say that its velocity acts faster and faster as it falls. How can you say that the acceleration is constant at 9.8 m/s2 If it is falling faster and faster wouldn't the acceleration change also until th?

It's very important to distinguish velocity from acceleration. Acceleration is caused only by forces, so while a ball is falling freely it is accelerating according to gravity alone. In that case i... Read More »

Will a drop in house prices mean a drop in rent?

nope. mortgages rates cost even more now so the price of rent will either go up or stay the same.