Router problem: My WLAN connection usually shows 54Mbps but occasionally goes down to 21Mbps.?

Answer Either you have a network and someone is downloading alot, or someone in the same 'node' as you, sharing the same line for their internet connection with you, is downloading some massive files, pro... Read More »

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WiFi router: 54Mbps or 108Mbps?

It may seem faster because router-->pc will be faster, but the uplink is still the throttle, and 5Mb is the best you will get.

Hi would changing from a 54mbps wireless router to a 104mbps one make a difference?

it would only make a difference (not very noticeble) on using the network machines (your comp to another comp on the network). Internet speed wouldn't change as the max internet speed is up to abou... Read More »

My wireless connection speed is 54mbps which is slow ..what will make it quicker to download?

54 Mbps is not slow. Your internet runs at probably 1-6 Mbps. If you have verizon, comcast, or any high-speed provider, these are the speeds they run unless you have T1. It is going to be a good fe... Read More »

My wireless network connection speed is 54mbps,,,why is it slow,, do i need a higher one to download faster?

1) 54Mbs is the limit on wireless "G"... for faster you will need a newer ("N") type.2) This MAY not matter anyway! Your actual limit is NOT the speed of the wireless! It is PROBABLY the speed of... Read More »