Router problem: My WLAN connection usually shows 54Mbps but occasionally goes down to 21Mbps.?

Answer Either you have a network and someone is downloading alot, or someone in the same 'node' as you, sharing the same line for their internet connection with you, is downloading some massive files, pro... Read More »

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DNS Connection Randomly Goes Down?

You're STILL mixing up DNS (mapping computer names to addresses) with DSL (providing broadband connectivity to your house). Go read - and act upon - the suggestions people made last time you posted... Read More »

Can anyone recommend me a wireless router that goes well with Ntl/Telewest cable connection?

Well I just bought a Linksys WRT54GS for my NTL connection for 40 pounds at Arrived in a couple of days, and it is working a treat. Be aware however that if your connection between th... Read More »

Wireless cable router slowing down connection?

try a different router and card sending is it 54mpbs speed sending wirelessly to the pc try going for 102 mpbs or higher im on 54 and went to the virgin site to see what they had ,

If half you clients are connected to a STP enabled switch and it goes down, do they all lose connection?

Correct.STP - Spanning Tree Protocol - can compensate to some extent for incorrect connections or loops between network segments, but if a client's only connection is to a failed switch, there is n... Read More »