Routing my IP address?

Answer Not sure what you mean .. I'm assuming you mean you are separated from the telnet hardware by a router, and on your side of the router IP addresses have been restricted to local (192.168 ... type) ... Read More »

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Can anyone explain 'static routing and dynamic routing' in simple terms please?

With static routing, the routes are manually entered into the configuration of a router. They are only changed when you specifically change them. With dynamic routing, the routes are "learned" by t... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between ABA Routing Number & Ach Routing Number?

Consumers can transfer money from their banks in a variety of ways. There are paper transfers by writing checks, electronic funds transfers, direct deposit, and wire transfers, among others. Once y... Read More »

What Is Multipath Routing?

Multipath routing is a technique that allows for computer network communications to be sent over multiple alternate paths. This is in contrast to a single routing protocol, where a data stream is ... Read More »

What Is Flood Routing?

Flood routing is the process of modeling a flood wave to understand what it will do at various points along a waterway. This is critical for reservoir and waterway management and can also become im... Read More »