S there I way I can stop this persons face appearing on facebook!?

Answer Just delete it. Families don't care about what kids get up to on Facebook.

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How do I stop this message from appearing?

CCC.exe is ATI Catalyst Control Centre. The ATI Catalyst Control Center is a program through which you can fine tune and customize different display features of your ATI graphics card, or overclock... Read More »

Is there a way to stop ask posts from appearing on my dashboard on tumblr?

If you have google chrome, you could get an application called Tumblr Savior. It lets you block posts with certain tags from appearing. Then ask the people you're following to please tag their asks... Read More »

A window keeps appearing on my BT Yahoo home page asking "Stop running this script."?

its a problem with one of the scripts on BT Yahoo's website, there is nothing you can do about it, I am sure they will fix it in time, just click ok when it pops up everything will be fine.

How can I stop ads appearing on my YouTube videos?

Stop using copyright content. That will happen if you use copyright content, it doesn't belong to you so they can do whatever they want with the video.