Safe way to download DayZ?

Answer Get steam, Im pretty sure you can get it through there, of course you need to get Arma 2 first.

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Is safe to download?

the actual software is safe to download, but the songs, videos, software, etc. that you download USING limewire may have viruses, etc.

Is It Safe to Download Photos?

Downloading photos from the Internet will probably not harm a computer because image files contain no executable code, thus making it virtually impossible for a virus to hide inside a picture. Viru... Read More »

Is ilivid safe to download?

ilivid is spyware crapware, see what the WOT community has to say:…Scroll down for user comments.

Is it safe to Re-download instagram?

My instagram and my mums instagram is going dodgey too. It wouldnt let me follow anyone, the second i tried, the app would completely close as if i clicked the home button. I tried his various time... Read More »