Samurai Shark Instructions?

Answer Dull knives, scissors and tools can be frustrating and dangerous when they no longer slice through objects with ease. The Samurai Shark may solve your dull blade problem. Sold by the late Billy May... Read More »

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Samurai Shark Knife Sharpener Instructions?

The Samurai Shark is a handheld non-mechanical sharpening tool. This tool can sharpen various kitchen knives, scissors and a variety of workshop tools. The Samurai Shark can sharpen a knife in less... Read More »

Origami Samurai Warrior Instructions?

In ancient Japan, where paper was a precious commodity, origami served a ceremonial role. Samurai, who were members of Japan's warrior class, often decorated gifts with folded models called Noshi. ... Read More »

How to Become a Samurai?

To become a samurai, once must learn the warrior's code or Bushido. The Bushido will teach ethical conduct, humility and ultimate respect for the samurai's master. Make sure to understand the histo... Read More »

How to Draw Samurai?

To draw Samurai, you really need to be very good in drawing. If you are not good in drawing then ask someone else to draw for you. If you want to draw it by yourself then try to trace it and then c... Read More »