Sarcastic Facebook status?

Answer "its snowing" ... no ****you can add no **** to a lot of thingsthen theres when people post lairy ones like "why is everyone so gay" and you can just comment like "LIKE YOU?"

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Really good, sarcastic, clever status update ideas?

Good stuff, me and my boyfriend are both addicted to facebook and we use which makes facebook more fun.

A Status on facebook?

It means he thinks you're a GANG-ster hence GANG-nam style. Personally I think you should take as much offence as possible and delete him.

Facebook status ideas!?

How about - 'I'm really uncreative with my status' so I'm going to get someone from Yahoo! Answers to think something up and claim it as my own! :D'

Facebook status problem .......?

I kind of don't understand your question, so I'll try my best.So by saying "status" I guess you mean writing on a person's wall? Well if you don't want your other friends to see what you put on the... Read More »