See who liked a comment on facebook?

Answer Fan pages it won't tell you, sorry

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I accidentally "liked" a comment! Did she notice?

she will have been notified but when she goes to look what comment you liked it will not she might just think you liked a recent comment but a bug is causing it not to work.i did the same t... Read More »

How to tell if your comment on youtube got liked?

Look underneath the comment - you should see a little thumbs up and thumbs down. If anyone clicks one of those, a count starts appearing.

How to Remove a Comment I Posted Under Someone Else's Comment on Facebook?

Facebook's comment system makes it easy to share what you think when your friends post status updates and Wall posts. The comments on comments feature lets you specifically respond to other comment... Read More »

How to delete a liked link on my facebook timeline?

Follow these steps:1. Log into ur acc2. Open ur timeline3. Locate the link4. There will be options like 'unlike' 'comment' and 'remove'.5. Click 'remove'