Seeds and torrents and in swarn?

Answer A seed is a computer hosting the complete file or content. Approximately 267 unique computers in total have connected and downloaded the complete file. The swarm means a combination of seeds and pe... Read More »

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Why does microwave radiation affect plant seeds differently If you microwave sunflower seeds 30 seconds, they germinate faster than if you did not microwave them at all, and yet if you microwave them for 60 seconds, the seeds do not germinate at all.?

When you expose the seeds to microwave radiation, you are selectively heating portions of the insides of the seeds. Fats and oils don't absorb microwaves well but water does, so the parts of the se... Read More »


No expert but as understand it torrents are simply a way to share files peer to peer. There are sites that can list where things are found. But this tech can be misused for pirated stuff. If you... Read More »

How do U Use Torrents?

If you want to use torrents at first you need to download special software. ??Torrent is the most popular free torrent's software. When you installed ??Torrent just download any torrent file you ... Read More »


isoHunt is a good site from where you can download most torrents. This site is home to the most comprehensive BitTorrent search engine, with cross-referenced trackers data you can't find anywhere e... Read More »