Seeking freeware to wake my p c up at a pre set time?

Answer if you have a windows computer,then you already have what is needed.Task Scheduler you should make sure you back up all your data constantly.using sleep function constantly,you will soon burn out t... Read More »

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How Can I Wake Up On Time?

Maybe you’re not a morning person. If that’s the case, you are not alone. Many people have trouble making sure they wake up on time. There are various reasons why people rise late, but most ... Read More »

I'm a musician seeking to better understand harmonics. I've read plenty of definitions and so I understand "what" they are, but I'm having a hard time visualizing them. What confuses me is the idea that a string can vibrate at multiple frequencies at?

To help you visualize how a string can vibrate at several frequencies at once, I wrote a flash program that shows you what a vibrating string looks like. That program should appear below this note.... Read More »

Job seeking?

Go look at job websites or your local job ads.

I'm getting pi55ed off with job seeking. Nobody gets me anywhere. How can you help me?

The answer's in your details. You acknowledge that your interview skills are not good. Work on that. Talk to friends who are in work, ask them for help, what to say how to say. Your attitude shows,... Read More »