Selling car for scrap legalities, UK?

Answer You are bound by law to inform the DVLA, if he commits an offence or leaves it un-taxed on the public highway you are liable for any fine etc If he run over someone and the law arrived at your doo... Read More »

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Legalities of selling products from other sites?

As longs as he has a registered business and pays taxes for the incomes, no one can touch him. It is nothing different than paying £1 for a dozen eggs in a shop and then finding the same dozen in ... Read More »

What are the insurance legalities for selling and creating my own cleaning product?

You probably do not need insurance to sell it retail. However, if you want stores to carry it, they are going to require that you have a policy in force naming them as additional insured. You wil... Read More »

Selling Scrap: Exemptions?

LOL Ed, not thinking of selling the Answerbank, are you :-( Is it law yet, Ed? - this suggests not yet http://www.sunderland...-metal-laws-1-4503770 Its not sorted yet.http://services.parli...ale... Read More »

How Much Would I Get for Selling My Scrap Copper?

The prices for scrap metals are always changing depending on the market. There is more money for dry bright copper and copper tubing than insulated copper wire. On average, good quality copper wi... Read More »