Server question please help?

Answer To have a server you need a dedicated computer, you dont really need windows server 2008 but it would be good as it has benefits, all a server is is a computer you designate to the job of providing... Read More »

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First the DNS and the rest of the IP properties need to be set to obtain automatically on all your computers.In effect they should set themselves to use the router as it is a DNS proxy. Second you ... Read More »

Please can someone help me answer this question question is you turned on a computer,?

I see a question, a homework question, do your own homework it's all in what you are being taught at school / college.

Tax issues ( question regarding earlier question) please help?

Write and tell the whole story that you have told us previously on here.UK

Wanting to set up a server running fedora, please help?

There is free home server software that runs on Fedora called Amahi. You'll find it at The latest version runs on Fedora 14. You'll need to download the DVD installation versi... Read More »