Setup router with usb wireless adaptor?

Answer does the router have wireless built in?if not then nothing is going to workthe router MUST have wifi built in

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How do I setup a second wireless router to act as a booster to my main router&modem?

I doubt the signal from net will boost from the second one, the incoming rate is fixed at the exchange in any case, but you can still link to use two from one source...see link.http://www.cyberciti... Read More »

What is the best wireless adaptor to connect my Sky HD Box to the Sky Broadband Router?

Is it possible to get a usb to ethernet cable adaptor to connect to a wireless router?

U can buy a USB Netwrok device that then allows you to connect to a normal router via a cat5 cable, or a USB wireless card to connect to it wirelessly.

What are the differences between a wireless network adaptor, an access point and a router?

A wireless adapter connects your computer to the network through wifi (like a little USB card or something similar)...a wireless access point is a device which will connect you to the network via w... Read More »