Shall I continue with my web shop?

Answer Come on lets be honest here, if you are making good money from this website, uploading and adding new products should be a pleasure not a chore.The reason why you are considering other options is b... Read More »

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60 handbags, selling same amount to 5 shops each shop pays 17.75 per bag. shop wants profit of 240 what sellin?

That's just too easy to answer. You can figure it out. The fact that there are 5 shops is meaningless. Hint.

Must I shop on line or can I buy direct at shop for the double discount staff offer?

Depends which retailer you're talking about...

Would you be embarrased to admit you got your clothes from a real cheap shop or a charity shop?

No way! I have a blast buying things from thrift stores and "making it my own". I buy xl t-shirts and cut them up, make skirts, purses, fun stuff! However I have a hard time holding on to the st... Read More »

Are you allowed to buy charity shop furnture paint it fix it then sell it in furniture shop?

I see no problem. You help the charity, put some work in and sell it on. What's wrong with that?