She Stalks My Twitter And Facebook?

Answer Grab her Blackberry and smash the thing up, job done, superglue the bog seat just before her morning crap, then phone the fire brigade to get her out, she wont bother you any more.

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How to tell if someone stalks you on Facebook?

The term Facebook stalker is used to describe someone who constantly comments on your posts, pictures and obsessively likes everything you do. He or she follows your life on Facebook to the point o... Read More »

Is there an app. on facebook where you can see who stalks your page most?

There are some applications that state they can do that but in real life; those applications don't work and only are used to spam people.

On Facebook my mum literally stalks me! help :S?

She's just trying to engage with you through face book and get to know your friends better perhaps? I think it's possibly a bit different if you are younger. As you get older, face book is ace fo... Read More »

You like twitter/facebook?

Personally, I don't see the point of Twitter. A tweet is basically the same thing as a status update. Does Twitter even have a chat or messaging system?