Should I accept 'friend requests' from people on Facebook when I don't even know them?

Answer How can we possibly answer that when we don't know eithr you or them?Your the only one who can make that decision! We can't do it for you.The reason? 50% will say no and 50% will say yes!

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Do you accept friend requests on Facebook from people who barely know you?

Only have once at another friends recommendation. Problems were caused from the off ... never again. I now only have people that I know well. I think I have something like 16 family and friends.

Can you accept friend requests using facebook mobile?

Why do some people never accept MySpace friend requests from people they don't know?

On my Facebook page it says: Don't add me unless you know me.I don't like to have contacts on Facebook or even MSN that I don't talk to. It just takes up space. I use it to keep in contact with peo... Read More »

How do you accept marriage requests on this new facebook?

Don't you think a "Facebook marriage" is sad?