Should I add my crush on facebook?

Answer OMG same thing! School came out and I was thinking of adding this guy that was looking at me too but we only have 10 mutual friends so idk if I should :( but I think you should.

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Is it too awkward to add my crush on Facebook?

It's really not that common for people your age to reject other friend requests (unless they don't like them or are super strict about who they add), so I'd say go ahead and add him. If worst comes... Read More »

Why did my crush unfriend me on Facebook?

How Does Secret Crush Work on Facebook?

"Secret Crush" is an app designed by software development company Textstream for use on the Facebook social networking site. While the app is available to Facebook users, it is not an official Face... Read More »

Facebook conversation with a crush (I'M A GIRL)?

Why do you kids have to make such a drama out of the simplest decisions in your life?He's given you his phone number so use it.And there are plenty of other things to talk about other than football... Read More »