Should I delete my ex off facebook?

Answer Don't delete him! Cuz then He won't be able to see how happy you are without him! :)

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Should i delete facebook?

id say delete that one and make a new one. this time, only add people who will really talk to you and dont join lots of groups.

Should I delete him from my facebook?

vikkie more or less says enjoy life , I agree, but you are not enjoying or being fulfilled with the guy you are wasting precious time and you are stressed and unhappy ,i know its hard when you are... Read More »

Should I delete the EX GF From facebook?

Delete her and forget about her. Don't get into an argument about it if she asks you. Just ignore her. It's over. That is way too soon to be dating after a 2 year relationship. You're better off wi... Read More »

Should I delete my Facebook account?

If all it does is depress you, then delete your account. Actually, deactivate since Facebook won't delete any account. This way, if you decide in the future you want to go back, your page will be... Read More »