Should I get my eyebrows threaded?

Answer Threading is a great idea of your eyebrows are starting to look a little untidy. I would certainly recommend it if it's denting your self-confidence a bit, and having tidy eyebrows can really bring... Read More »

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What is having your eyebrows threaded?

In our efforts to look sheik and well put together, many women achieve this through grooming their eyebrows. It is almost like the finishing touch to an artistic masterpiece. Unfortunately to achie... Read More »

How reguarly should you have eyebrows threaded?

Hey! I'm Indian so my hair grows back really fast thanks to my dad lol. I do my eyebrows every 3 weeks because it lets them grow out fully. Also depending where you get them done, it can be costl... Read More »

Should I get my eyebrows threaded before or after a spray tan?

Before because if you get them done after you will be able to see where the hair was removes because you wont be completely tan in that area because of the hair :)

Does having your eyebrows threaded hurt?

I suppose it depends on where you go, but I get my eyebrows threaded and the only painful part about it is lying there for 15 minutes, since I'm incredibly impatient.But in the name of bushy eyebro... Read More »