Should I get pay as you go internet broadband with a dongle?

Answer You can get it cheaper than that I think.It sounds like a dongle would be suitable for your usage. Pay as you go would be best. 3 offer the cheapest choice. You can get a dongle (USB Modem) from... Read More »

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How do i top up dongle for 3 broadband?

Try here hope this helps?How it worksIf you buy a dongle for PAYG, you will need to Top-up and convert your Top-up to a Mobile Broadband Add-on to get your great value monthly data allowance.Step 1... Read More »

mobile broadband dongle?

I would imagine watching Sky Go on a PAYG dongle would eat up you money.Video is one of the largest things you can download and I think you will find it will cost a fortune on a PAYG dongle. p.s.... Read More »

Fastest Broadband dongle speed?

You're right in saying 15MB doesn't exist, the fastest you can get from Mobile Broadband in ideal conditions is 7.2mbpsIt's important when choosing Mobile Broadband to look at three different thing... Read More »

Can other people use your dongle if you're not using it Mobile broadband that is.?

If you allow them or if it is a pre-paid, Yes. Dongles arn't as secure as ADSL, Ethernet or Cable