Should I go back to my previous job?

Answer no dont go better with new faces`

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Do I have to pay back my previous employer?

Buy a cute female dog teddy with a card and write; "payback's a b*tch!" Mail it to HR with a copy of the letter they sent you.Real answer; it depends on the willpower of the company to get the mon... Read More »

Want to send back the car to previous keeper?

Can you get someone with good english to help you re post this question as it does not make a lot of sense.

Claiming money back from previous employer Help!?

Go in there late on friday afternoon when everyone is likely to be in a relatively good mood, ignore everyone but the people you absolutely have to talk to, fill in the form, get the cash they owe ... Read More »

Why does my Internet connection keep jumping back to a previous page?

Contact Browser manufacturer. Use a different web browser or re-install web browser that you are using. should fix the problem.