Should I just unfriend him on FB or leave it?

Answer I agree with the first answer

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Should I just leave it, I've been un-paid?

1st can you prove you worked the time you say you did (do you have the time cards)? assuming so, I'd write a letter to human resources explaining to them that you haven't been paid for the over ti... Read More »

I have really hairy nipples,wot should I do...pluck,shave,wax or just leave them...please help?

Get your pet Phant to eat them off. You know, the Phant you keep asking questions about.

Was i entitled to special leave or just some time off instead of sick i had 80+ hours annual leave to use?

Instinct says your employer could have given you compassionate leave for the deaths, but this would be at their discretion and not a given right. I can not think of any "Special leave" an employer ... Read More »

Do you think that girls should be able to, or just should go out in just tights and a top, no skirt/trousers?

EW NO ! unless your into fatt ladies walking around. cuz thats what a lot of america has turned into. hah ! =]