Should I put x's when talking to this guy?

Answer To be honest can't you make up your own mind?It's dead right when a report some time ago said that the internet hasmade people lose the power of thought and reason on their own.Nobody can seem to m... Read More »

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I've been talking to this guy on msn ?

I am sure you are a lovely girl. But i really think that you should forget about him... try and get a few boys msn addys at school you fancy - at least you know what they are and how old they areyo... Read More »

What car am i talking about, anyone?

I wonder if you're talking about a Nissan Figaro? The Figaro was never officially sold in this country but quite a number have been imported from Japan. Most of the imported models seem to be on 'H... Read More »

What is a Talking ATM?

Talking ATMS are automatic teller machines that provide the ability to conduct transactions using both visual and auditory components. Essentially, a talking ATM will provide a means of persons wi... Read More »

Just seen that v's been talking on about on fb?