Should I recieve a full refund-eBay?

Answer Sellers aren't obligated to offer refunds at all. The refund policy for each sale should be listed at the bottom of the auction.Not refunding return shipping is generally the normal way of doing th... Read More »

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I didn't claim Rent relief last year and wondering how long it will take and how much of a refund Ill recieve?

You will need to fill out the following form ( ) and return in to your local revenue office.The tax credit for a single person under the age of 55 in ... Read More »

EBay seller - Buyer did not recieve item, help!?

Unfortunately legally you are responsible. You arranged and paid for the postage BUT you did not pay extra for proof of delivery and/or insurance. If the buyer does not get the item you must re... Read More »

Ebay UK - I sent an item the other person did not recieve it who is going to be out of pocket?

I think even if you got a proof-of-postage receipt.. that it only repays £10 or £20 at the most. If you are sending anything of value in the mail you should send it with some form of insurance a... Read More »

Can we recieve the childcare element of tax credits if one of us is a full time student and the othe works f/t?

yes, my daughter was a f/t student last yr finishing her degree and her hubbie worked f/t . i believe its paid monthly but may be incorrect as i dont get it myself. normally they only pay weekly... Read More »