Should I switch broadband services and if so what to?

Answer Virgin media do heavily cap the speed at peak times and also P2P.Here's some steps to solve these slow speeds:Reboot your broadband modem. Optimise your computer and optimise your web browser.Turn ... Read More »

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How much should i pay per month for seo services -and what should i expect them to do?

How long is a piece of string. SEO and everything that goes with it is quite time intensive. You need to pay someone enough to make thier effort worthwhile. £200+ a month as a minimum I would say.

I'm thinking of having a landline and broadband in my new home,but should I go for BT Broadband with their?

If Both companies have Cable to Home infrastructure then either will provide Fast ADSL services(Depends what services you want,will be the factor in deciding)

What computer should I buy and which broadband provider should I use?

I would say get the iMac. If you do get a PC just stay away from cheap dells because they are just that CHEAP. Go with a Gateway or hp.

What should I charge for my services, in £'s?

When pricing, your guide for what to charge should be based on what your customers are willing to pay. *Then* you should look at your costs and see whether it's worth it to work for that much mone... Read More »