Should I take re-deployment or redundancy that is the question?

Answer Take the money and run

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Redundancy - Tax Question (UK)?

You can still use the calculator - just don't put in the severance of £15k - this will be treated as an after tax payment so not included. The £8k will be added to your normal salary and tax dedu... Read More »

Question about job redundancy UK?

Nothey only pay you redundancy if they can't find you another suitable job

Redundancy question Please help?

it can vary from company to company, all too often it can be down to how well a person gets on with the boss.Normally recent performance is taken into account, if a person has taken a lot of time t... Read More »

Redundancy Question - Job now being completed by someone else?

There are two separate issues there. If your ex-colleague has taken on your work as part of her role then that is standard in situations of redundancy and there is nothing you can do. However, if t... Read More »